Expert Guidance on the Steps to Correct the Mold Problem in Your Home

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Mold Assessment is a separate service provided by Wolf Disaster Services' Staten Island Mold Testing.  

Once your mold test results and completed inspection confirm elevated levels of mold in your home the next step is to bring in a licensed Mold Assessor.

The role of the Mold Assessor is to act as your independent consultant when dealing with a Mold Remediation contractor or insurance company.  We will document all the steps needed to correctly perform your Mold Remediation in a Mold Remediation Work Plan which will dictate very specifically the exact steps and materials to be used to safely and professionally remediate your home.  

The Mold assessment process will include a Pre-remediation Mold Inspection and a post clearance inspection.  These inspections may be conducted visually or with air sampling or another method determined by your assessor.


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