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At Wolf Disaster Services' Staten Island Mold testing we take a personal approach with each and every customer.  That means communication and clarity is key. Every Mold test and Mold inspection performed by Staten Island Mold Testing will include a preliminary and post inspection consultation, where we will discuss the reasons for your concerns and methods of resolution.

Common Reasons to call for a Mold Test or Mold Inspection:

Buying or selling a home and concerned about a smell or odor

Past water damage and incomplete restoration

Black/blueish green discoloration on walls or ceiling

Damp/Musky odor coming from basement or crawlspace

Recently developed allergies when in the home - always consult your physician for medical advice

High humidity

Based on your initial consultation we will determine the best method of testing to suit your needs and give us a clear picture of the problem-if there is one.  Along with mold testing we will also check the areas of concern with a thermal imaging camera and take humidity readings to determine if there is hidden water damage or moisture.

There are several ways that a licensed mold assessor can perform a mold test.  Each method is described by the circumstance and reason for concern. First, you can perform a surface test in areas that have had contamination and isolate the area of concern. To do this you would use a special swab which resembles a qtip looking object and wipe it against the surface, replace it in its tube and seal it for lab delivery where it will be tested and a report will be issued with results.  Another way to perform a mold test in your home is using "Air sampling". In this instance a small machine will act as a vacuum and take in the the rooms air and any fungal material consistent with mold will be analyzed.  There many other methods but these are used most often.

After receiving your test results my goal is to interpret them alongside factors i.e; temp, humidity, notable wind, the location of the residence and the location of room we are testing. 

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